Those of us who live in Mountain Towns know that single-sport athletes are rare. 

Mountain Life's outdoor emphasis is all being outside in every season, playing and gathering. 

Fall is spent hunting, sawing wood, and squeezing in kamikaze indian summer backpacking, climbing and fishing adventures between trips after game and wood. Late Fall/Early Winter moves us to the crags ice climbing after the ice has formed, but before the deep snow turns our attention to skiing.

Winter brings out the boards - skis and snowboards! Backcountry and lift assisted, and when the storm cycles aren't cooperating, skate skiing for fitness and ice fishing for fun!

Spring's longer days and warmer temps move us to the gym to train hard for desert rock climbing trips and to the steep peaks for safer freeze-thaw cycle ski mountaineering missions. 

Summer is crazy! Trail running for fitness, throwing hoppers for trout, scouting for game, and alpine climbing for altitude. 

Mountain town life is outdoor-focused and athletic.

Founded in 2007, in Jackson, Wyoming by a 5th-Generation Wyomingite, Mountain Athlete represents this multi-sport mountain athlete lifestyle and the everyday people and professionals who live it. 

Ski. Hunt. Climb. Fish.